Egypt and Jordan

On my recent trip to the Middle East, my main photography job was in a Syrian Refugee camp. Unfortunately I am not allowed to share images from that time. My work partner, Caleb, and I have been told that we were part of just a handful of outsiders ever permitted to enter the camp, and I found the […]

Spring Connection

We have a new featured Connection for the spring. As you know $100 from each photo session goes directly to a featured organization. All me to introduce you to this season’s organization- ESMAfrica. ESMAfrica operates out of the southern Ethiopian city of Hawassa. I like to call them “The Yes Ministry”, because that always seems to […]

A Look Back at 2016

Here’s a little look back on 2016…

Fall Connection

I want to re-introduce you to our new Connection organization for the next two months. Make Your Mark is the kind of organization with which you dream of working- well thought out, engaging, holistic, and deeply invested in what they are doing. My two nights out on the streets with them were some of the most powerful nights […]

Make Your Mark

  Today, I want to write about another of the five organizations we worked with on our Creatives Trip. Make Your Mark Ministries is a group that has delved into the depths of the pain of boys living on the streets and has a rehabilitation program for them. We were able to interview two different […]

Begin With One

I stood there in middle of a government school in the remote village of Chapa in southern Ethiopia. In the middle of a set of buildings that would be about the size of a preschool facility here in the States, we learned that there were 3,000 students. This number left no alternative but to do half-day […]

My Beautiful Team

I fell in love with all the wonderful people on my creatives team. Here’s some behind-the-scenes shots taken by myself and my friend Amy Melsa:


One of the stops on our creatives trip was No Ordinary Love Ministries. I fell in love with this organization years back on my first trip to Ethiopia. They work closely with the local government who brings them children who have been rescued after being trafficked. NOLM provides a safe house, love, and therapy for these little ones, usually girls, […]