Schuyler {one year}


Remember Schuyler the mermaid?

Schuyler-31 copyThen Schuyler the adorable wispy-haired six month old…

jands-30 copyWell, I just got to photograph Schuyler the one year old. She had facial expressions to spare and kept me laughing through the who shoot. I love this age with all it’s life and personality….

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Amanda {maternity}

I remember during my pregnancies looking into the mirror and feeling cheated. Over and over I was told about the maternity glow, and yet there was not a hint of shine in my face. But obviously, this pregnancy tale was promised to women because of mommas like Amanda. Amanda showed up for our photo shoot absolutely radiant. And when she stepped out the car in cowboy boots and a handsome side-kick of a husband…well, I was officially in my photography happy place.


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Gabby {senior}

Meet Gabby. Gabby was bright and bubbly, and doing her photo shoot felt more like a girlfriend hang-out session than a photo shoot. She was an absolute natural in front of the camera. And my camera was obsessed with her gorgeous blue eyes. So add a little beauty to your summer weekend by checking out Gabby’s senior photos.


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Cousins {growing}

Watching children grow through the lens of your camera is one of my favorite parts of what I do. All four of these cousins are an example of this since I’ve had my camera on each of them for the past four years. As we had this excursion through the woods, I was relishing the fact that they were past the “chase them with the camera” age! These four cuties adore each other, and that was my favorite thing to capture in these pictures.

cousins (47)

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Emily {new life}

Emily is the third newborn in her family whose first photos I’ve been able to do. Not only did she carry on the family tradition of beautiful babies, but she was the most calm newborn I’ve ever photographed. She laid pleasantly as her siblings played behind us seemingly comforted by all the noise. It was adorable.

Congrats Dave and Hannah on your gorgeous new addition!

emily-30 copy

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Tyler & Samantha {love}

Tyler and Samantha got engaged on Christmas Eve and are getting married this July.  They talked to me about taking engagement photos, but there was one little problem: they haven’t seen each other. Tyler has been stationed hundreds of miles from his love. So when he was granted leave for a short weekend that was bustling with activity, we literally had 20 minutes to try to grab some quick engagement pictures. Such is the military life! So here’s the fastest shoot I’ve ever done. Enjoy this soldier and his girl…

tylersam 2

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Owen {growing}

Owen was all smiles and laughter. His bright personality lit up a cloudy day. But what shone even brighten than his little face is the faces of parents. Rarely have I ever seen a prouder momma and a more attentive daddy. Spending time with their little family was like being invited into some precious and special.

owen-2 copy

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Anthony {senior}

When you meet Anthony, it doesn’t take long to realize that he’s not your average teenage boy. Respectful and kind with an easy smile, it was an absolute joy to spend time with Anthony capturing this milestone in his life. And it didn’t hurt that he was natural with the camera. Thanks for a fun session, Anthony!

anthony 8

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