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Avery & Her Brothers {new life}

Being asked to take Avery’s newborn pictures was extra special since in the past I’d been able to take both her brother’s very first portraits. The boys enthusiastically greeted me, and little Mason (the oldest) was excited to show off his baby to me. The morning ended up being a fun combination of getting my baby fix and playing around with these little guys. And it sure doesn’t hurt my photos that this family produces some seriously cute kids (with eyelashes to envy!).

Congrats, B family, on adding some pink to all that blue…


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2012 Contest Winner {announced}

The results are in!

3rd PLACE goes to this wonderful couple:

mintz-12 copy

2nd PLACE went to this little man:

Granos-8 copy



But in the end, this little girl’s cherub face stole voters hearts and won 1st PLACE:


Congrats, Elena!

2012 Favorite Photo Contest

Okay, so I couldn’t wait until Monday…right now I’m declaring it CONTEST TIME!

Before we get right down to the annual Favorite’s Contest, here’s what you need to know…


The way to cast your vote click the photo that’s your favorite. Each photo is a link, and it will take you to my Facebook page where you can simply “like” your favorite photo. Every “like” counts as one vote.  And you are welcome to do this to as many of the contest photos as you want. You will need to “like” the Alyssa Anne Photography business page to be able to cast your vote. While comments are fabulous, the votes are only cast by “liking” the photo. Voting will end at midnight next Sunday.


The winner of the contest will receive $150 credit toward any print or product they want from the session during which the winning photograph was taken. This means that you’ll get to choose what YOU want. Yay!!

Now, down to it…here, in no particular order, are your finalists!


blacks-29 copy




Granos-8 copy




tandc-17 copy


Schuyler-31 copy




ZandO-29 copy


katie-38 copy


emmy-14 copy


mintz-12 copy


lunsford-808 copy


phillips-3 copy


Cymes-6 copy



2012 Favorites Contest {runners-up}

January means time for our annual Favorite Photo Contest. I’ll wet your appetite with this year’s runners-up to the contest. Then, Monday check back to see the start of this year’s contest. Much love to all my fabulous clients models!

lu-22 copy


tandc-45 copy


lunsford-4444 copy

phillips-22 copy


Ally-10 copy

sakaguchis-18 copy

jenkins-11 copy


Elena {growing}

This photoshoot was extra fun since Elena got to come over to my house to play! Nearly two-year-old Elena was obsessed with a party hat I’d pulled out, and was willing to cooperate as long as I was willing to wear it. So at the expense of looking like a clown, I was able to get some sweet shots of this little one. Isn’t she absolutely gorgeous?!

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Katherine {beauty}

Meet Katherine. My baby sister. I have many teenage memories of carting around my toddler sister as people mistook her for my own daughter. I can still see her with her baby blonde curls, chubby cheeks, and a broad smile on her face that earned her the nickname “Sunshine”. And now she’s a woman. Excuse me while I grab the tissue box.

The problem with having an older sister that’s a photographer is that you have no options when it comes to having senior photos done. The advantage is that your photos get extra time and attention. Katie and I have been dreaming up this photo shoot for awhile. So get ready for some eye candy since this girl is absolutely gorgeous (even if you’re not as bias I am), both on the outside and on the inside.


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Mini Sessions {just plain fun}

I embarked on my first set of mini-sessions. Nine in all. It was a fun and totally exhausting day. And I was uber grateful that Hurricane Sandy didn’t visit until two days after the sessions were complete. As side note, everyone rocked the outfits that day- colorful, stylish, fab! So strap in, and enjoy one long blog post full of mini-session fun.

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H Family

Some beauty, courtesy of this wonderful family…

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Gabriella {maternity}

Gabriella was bursting with the joy that marks the anticipation of motherhood. And even with the baby bump, she was rocking gold heels like nobody’s business. She, her husband Paul, and I had a lovely time taking photos and chatting. Gabriella is the oldest of two while Paul is the youngest of ten…talk about different family dynamics! But they are both the same in their excitement to start their own family.

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