Keira {6 months}

My husband asked me I as I got ready for the session, “Now, what baby are you photographing?”

I answered with the only four words that were necessary: “The Jelly Bean Baby”

That’s how little Miss Keira celebrated her grand entry into this world of ours- sitting in a bowl of jellybeans in front of my camera. So sticking with something normal for her six month shoot was absolutely out of the question…

As before, Keira’s parents will get to pick a free 5×7 if, within the next 5 days, they receive 25 comments on this blog post.

  1. Kelli Reply

    I love these! The pumpkin is precious!

  2. Jenna Reply

    Love the pumpkin idea!

  3. Sarah Reply

    Wanna make sure you guys get your free 5×7. Keira is a cutie. Can’t wait to meet her.

  4. Carly Reply

    lol, I love the pumpkin!

  5. Sarah Salem Reply

    LOVE the sidewalk chalk!

  6. Erin Reply

    Keira’s mom does rock but so do the pumpkin pics – awesome!

  7. Bethanie Mintz Reply

    SO cute! I just love the pumpkin one! 😉

  8. Amy Reply

    Hard to take a bad picture of Baby Keira

  9. Anne and Ron Reply

    What a BEAUTIFUL baby!! Keira you are such a good subject and we love the pumpkin and little blanket one.

  10. Mr. D Reply

    Beautiful baby. Love the pumpkin

  11. Mrs. D Reply

    beautiful little girl. great pictures

  12. Sherri H Reply

    Such great photos of a great girl. Of course, I can’t help wondering what she will think of the pumpkin shots when she gets older…

  13. Karen H Reply

    These are the CUTEST pictures EVER!

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