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Whether you're a fellow photographer or another kind of creative entrepreneur, this is the little corner of the site just for you. 

Have you ever wanted to take your art and use it for something much bigger than yourself?

Well then, read on!



We live in a world of social media. It’s one of the main ways that we take in information and news. It’s also a powerful tool for awareness. Ask yourself this- would you be more moved by someone talking to you about street boys or by you clicking the play button of a video and staring at the face of a street boys while he tells you what his life is like? Would you be more affected by a couple sentences describing a trafficked girl or by a photograph showing a young, vulnerable child staring back at you?

Incredible local organizations and ministries are working daily tackling some of the hardest human issues. Raising awareness and support is a crucial piece of the puzzle. By using our cameras and social media skills, we can help to give them quality media to do just that.

I lead trips in CONJUNCTION with the table initiative. We take professional creatives abroad to create media databases for different local organizations. 

If you are a photographer or film maker interested in more information on this trip or are an organization that would like to collaborate on a project, I'd Love to hear from you.