about alyssa

15. years of business
5. kiddos of her own
2. minimum cups of a joe daily (see line above for reason)
1. completely rad life partner
2. places she's based out of- D.C. & Stuttgart, Germany
4. years of teaching photography to high schoolers
32. countries visited

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Alyssa specializes in the kind of storytelling that respectfully captures the human spirit, affirms dignity, and gives others a platform to tell their own story. Her goal is to demystify our differences and help us discover our similarities; so that we can band together in advocating for social justice.



Since I was little, I've always been fascinated by the other people's stories. (Maybe it's why I'm a documentary junkie!) My camera has become a tool to document a piece of this for the people I meet. I'm most passionate about telling the stories of the marginalized and forgotten of our world in a way that affirms dignity and love.

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Ask my husband, and he'll tell you- travel is my love language. Experiencing and learning from different cultures and people groups keeps us learning, growing, and caring about this wide world of ours. I'd love to work with you here, there, or across the globe.

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I'd love nothing more than getting the chance to connect face-to-face. So if we are able, let's get together for coffee & a chat about social justice.  if we are too far apart, let's let the interwebs connect us. 

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