To say I’ve slacked in blogging is a vast understatement. I could bore you with all the reasons that blogging fell off my to-do list, but I’ll spare you. There will be no consistency promises made here, but I will share with you a short video with some snapshots of recent sessions. I dare you […]

Egypt and Jordan

On my recent trip to the Middle East, my main photography job was in a Syrian Refugee camp. Unfortunately I am not allowed to share images from that time. My work partner, Caleb, and I have been told that we were part of just a handful of outsiders ever permitted to enter the camp, and I found the […]

Make Your Mark

  Today, I want to write about another of the five organizations we worked with on our Creatives Trip. Make Your Mark Ministries is a group that has delved into the depths of the pain of boys living on the streets and has a rehabilitation program for them. We were able to interview two different […]

Begin With One

I stood there in middle of a government school in the remote village of Chapa in southern Ethiopia. In the middle of a set of buildings that would be about the size of a preschool facility here in the States, we learned that there were 3,000 students. This number left no alternative but to do half-day […]

THRIVE Creatives Retreat

With so much work surrounding the trip to Ethiopia, I haven’t even had time to blog about the beauty of our THRIVE Creatives Retreat in January- over weekend of the East Coast blizzard, no less! If you want to see and read more, you can head over to the blog post on the THRIVE website. I […]

My Beautiful Team

I fell in love with all the wonderful people on my creatives team. Here’s some behind-the-scenes shots taken by myself and my friend Amy Melsa: