Baby I

Baby Molly

Avery & Her Brothers {new life}

Being asked to take Avery’s newborn pictures was extra special since in the past I’d been able to take both her brother’s very first portraits. The boys enthusiastically greeted me, and little Mason (the oldest) was excited to show off his baby to me. The morning ended up being a fun combination of getting my […]

Emmy {newborn}

I showed up at Emmy’s house to find a bright-eyed, tiny beauty awaiting me. While I think all babies are cute, Emmy was an especially adorable new person. She already was showing such a gentle personality. Emmy’s mom was a champ and worked so hard to get her girlie to sleep and to help me […]

Keira {6 months}

My husband asked me I as I got ready for the session, “Now, what baby are you photographing?” I answered with the only four words that were necessary: “The Jelly Bean Baby” That’s how little Miss Keira celebrated her grand entry into this world of ours- sitting in a bowl of jellybeans in front of […]

Elliana {6 months}

As a photographer, I get attached to certain photos, and Elliana’s newborn session stands as one of my personal favorites. During a gorgeous morning this past week, I met up with Elliana and her parents for her six month photo shoot. Once again, Miss Ellie didn’t disappoint. Her sunny personality made for another memorable session…

Ally {newborn}

Meet Miss Ally. I hung out with her and her momma on an afternoon this weekend capturing Ally in all her 3 week old glory. Ally was as opinionated as she is cute, and her mom wins “Most Helpful Mom EVER at a Photo Shoot” award. Seriously. She worked side by side with me like […]

Faith {newborn}

If you already have a red headed little girl and a blonde little girl, isn’t adding a brunette daughter to the family the most logical thing to do?! This sweet little family did just that with baby Faith’s arrival. And with their oldest being a chatty, gregarious child who was very anxious to get in […]