To say I’ve slacked in blogging is a vast understatement. I could bore you with all the reasons that blogging fell off my to-do list, but I’ll spare you. There will be no consistency promises made here, but I will share with you a short video with some snapshots of recent sessions. I dare you […]

Motherhood- Catherine & Her Babies

Amanda {maternity}

I remember during my pregnancies looking into the mirror and feeling cheated. Over and over I was told about the maternity glow, and yet there was not a hint of shine in my face. But obviously, this pregnancy tale was promised to women because of mommas like Amanda. Amanda showed up for our photo shoot […]

Gabriella {maternity}

Gabriella was bursting with the joy that marks the anticipation of motherhood. And even with the baby bump, she was rocking gold heels like nobody’s business. She, her husband Paul, and I had a lovely time taking photos and chatting. Gabriella is the oldest of two while Paul is the youngest of ten…talk about different […]

Nicolette & Paul {maternity}

Sometimes getting to shoot a past client again feels like seeing an old friend. I know that sounds sappy, but it really does. Two years ago, I did Paul and Nicolette’s engagement photos. And from the beginning of that shoot, there was something about them. We connected in the first 10 minutes. Maybe it was […]