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A Family {love}

I met up with the growing A family and had fun playing with little Gus. His little world was full of leaves, running, and most of all dinosaurs. So I morphed into a brachiosaurus photographer, and we had a grand ol’ time.

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AnaMichele {solo}

I taught a high school photography class for two years, and AnaMichele was one of my students.  She is full of passion (which spills over into her photography!), and a genuinely caring soul. Since she is a senior this year, she asked me if I would be willing to do a photo shoot…but with a twist. AnaMichele wanted something more editorial for our session. I felt like a kid taken into a toy store with a wad of money- full artistic license to play! You can see AnaMichele’s beautiful spirit and collaboration fingerprints all over these, and I’m so excited to share these pictures.

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Ellie {new life}

For sweet, tiny Ellie’s first photo shoot, her mom had wanted the photos to symbolize different things about their lives: a mermaid shot for the fact that Ellie’s parents had met and married in Florida, baseball equipment since Ellie’s dad had played in the minor leagues, and a pumpkin for the season of her birth. Ellie was a little snoozy champ, and such a beauty.

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G Family {love}

On a 90 degree day in October(!), I met the Jeff and Pam and their doll of a son Lucas for some family photos that Pam told me were long overdue. Lucas was a little five year old intellect with a love of dinosaurs and splashing. It was a joy to capture the beauty and love of this little family. jpl-46 Continue Reading →

Schuyler {one year}


Remember Schuyler the mermaid?

Schuyler-31 copyThen Schuyler the adorable wispy-haired six month old…

jands-30 copyWell, I just got to photograph Schuyler the one year old. She had facial expressions to spare and kept me laughing through the who shoot. I love this age with all it’s life and personality….

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Amanda {maternity}

I remember during my pregnancies looking into the mirror and feeling cheated. Over and over I was told about the maternity glow, and yet there was not a hint of shine in my face. But obviously, this pregnancy tale was promised to women because of mommas like Amanda. Amanda showed up for our photo shoot absolutely radiant. And when she stepped out the car in cowboy boots and a handsome side-kick of a husband…well, I was officially in my photography happy place.


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