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Tyler & Samantha {love}

Tyler and Samantha got engaged on Christmas Eve and are getting married this July.  They talked to me about taking engagement photos, but there was one little problem: they haven’t seen each other. Tyler has been stationed hundreds of miles from his love. So when he was granted leave for a short weekend that was bustling with activity, we literally had 20 minutes to try to grab some quick engagement pictures. Such is the military life! So here’s the fastest shoot I’ve ever done. Enjoy this soldier and his girl…

tylersam 2

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Owen {growing}

Owen was all smiles and laughter. His bright personality lit up a cloudy day. But what shone even brighten than his little face is the faces of parents. Rarely have I ever seen a prouder momma and a more attentive daddy. Spending time with their little family was like being invited into some precious and special.

owen-2 copy

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Anthony {senior}

When you meet Anthony, it doesn’t take long to realize that he’s not your average teenage boy. Respectful and kind with an easy smile, it was an absolute joy to spend time with Anthony capturing this milestone in his life. And it didn’t hurt that he was natural with the camera. Thanks for a fun session, Anthony!

anthony 8

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Julia & Schuyler {siblings}


These two precious sisters brightened my afternoon the other day. Julia is bright, spunky, and almost four. In typical oldest girl fashion (and I’m allowed to say it because I am one), she was talking a mile a minute. She was also ready to lend a helping hand in getting her sister to look at the camera. Schuyler, who was quiet and almost pensive, is just 6 months, though you wouldn’t believe it from the loads of wispy hair on her head. Isn’t it just too much cuteness!

jands-8 copy

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Jack & Olivia {siblings}

This is my third time photographing this pair. The first time I met them Olivia was just a toddler and Jack was an energetic 4 year old. Now look how they’ve grown! These two were absolute angels for me; so cooperative and smiley. Laughter, balloons, twirling, jumping, and snuggling. It was the perfect little shoot with these two cuties.

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Give 1 Save 1 {adoption}

Hey, strangers! After a much needed break, I’ll get back to posting portraits later this week. But for now, I’m going to hijack this blog for something that’s important our family’s life. As you may already know, we are in the middle of an adoption process for a little girl from Ethiopia. We’ve finished our paper chase and are now in the long process of waiting for a referral. In the meantime, our family is being featured this week on a big adoption blog.

This a big fundraiser for our adoption and we need your help! It’s fun and EASY.

Click on this LINK to head over to our family’s featured post.

 photo e8b2f686-791b-49fe-979e-42618aeeef27_zps975dbd6b.jpg

 Here’s how 5 minutes of your time could greatly help cover our adoption costs:

 1. Watch the stop-motion video we made (it’s short)

 2. Consider giving $1

 3. Share the LINK with everyone you know! (This is the super important part since the more viral this video goes, the more money is raised without a financial burden on any one person.)

 Now wasn’t that easy? When else can you help change the future for an orphan in only 5 minutes?


 photo Capture_zps2425e5fa.png



In January and February as my camera and recover from a full fall schedule, I try to take some time to capture the little moments in the life of my own children. Here are few from these daily moments. You can find more photos of our own family over on my personal blog.

everyday (2) copy

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Avery & Her Brothers {new life}

Being asked to take Avery’s newborn pictures was extra special since in the past I’d been able to take both her brother’s very first portraits. The boys enthusiastically greeted me, and little Mason (the oldest) was excited to show off his baby to me. The morning ended up being a fun combination of getting my baby fix and playing around with these little guys. And it sure doesn’t hurt my photos that this family produces some seriously cute kids (with eyelashes to envy!).

Congrats, B family, on adding some pink to all that blue…


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