A Look Back at 2016

Here’s a little look back on 2016…

Tatiana’s Motherhood Session

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Fall Connection

I want to re-introduce you to our new Connection organization for the next two months. Make Your Mark is the kind of organization with which you dream of working- well thought out, engaging, holistic, and deeply invested in what they are doing. My two nights out on the streets with them were some of the most powerful nights of my life. Then to see the changes happening in their day center and program, I was hooked.

I’ve gotten to know the founders and cannot say enough for their integrity and care for what they do. I’m excited to have $100 from each of the sessions booked headed over to help in the amazing things that are going on there!

But more powerful than my words, is a beautiful video that my friend Caroline Chase made for them. Grab a tissue, y’all


Baby Molly

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Business Meet Box

I was thrilled to have an article I wrote featured over on Rising Tide Society‘s blog!


These role of being a creative and a mom: Sometimes they flow seamlessly together. There’s the sidewalk chalk murals, the free spirited days, and the music appreciation. Sometimes it feels so beautiful.

But then there is being a creative business owner and motherhood. I don’t know about you, but for me these have never seemed to co-exist harmoniously without a serious amount of intentionality. When I started my business, I felt like I was muddling around making things up as went along which, let’s be honest, I was.

How do you separate the two? Do you separate the two?

After nine years of owning my own photography business while raising four kids, I’ve found that there are ways to help us boss lady moms navigate both of these. I’m no expert, but there are two main things I’ve learned from my own mistakes.  



Our next installation of our THRIVE Creatives half day workshops is going to be “Mompreneurs” on the morning of August 9th! We are looking forward to sharing together the struggles as well as the wins of being a mom and running a business! We will all come from different levels of experience and walks of life with different goals and techniques and we wouldn’t have it any other way!! Join Sweet Root Village and me in Alexandria for a packed morning of encouragement and learning. I’ll be talking about running a part time business while being a mom and Rachel will be addressing the issues of a full-time business owner. Head over HERE to get your ticket. Can’t wait to see you there!


As thrilled as I am that we had a web home remodel over here, I’m even more excited about my brand new business format! I love doing my lifestyle work & love doing my humanitarian work.

Now it’s time to connect the two!

In the pasts four years, I have been able to be connected with some incredible organizations who work to make a difference with street children, orphans, trafficked children and more. I will begin to bimonthly feature one of these organizations. During this time $100 of any session fee scheduled will go toward the currently featured organization.

No gimmicks, no overhead costs- just a deep desire to see these organizations succeed, connections made, and a more meaningful experience for you.

So please be sure to check out the Connections page to learn more and to find out which organization is currently being featured!

And as one last note, you can head over to my Instagram account to find out how to win a $100 gift card to Madewell as a celebration of all things new!