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Jul 29

I was thrilled to have an article I wrote featured over on Rising Tide Society‘s blog!


These role of being a creative and a mom: Sometimes they flow seamlessly together. There’s the sidewalk chalk murals, the free spirited days, and the music appreciation. Sometimes it feels so beautiful.

But then there is being a creative business owner and motherhood. I don’t know about you, but for me these have never seemed to co-exist harmoniously without a serious amount of intentionality. When I started my business, I felt like I was muddling around making things up as went along which, let’s be honest, I was.

How do you separate the two? Do you separate the two?

After nine years of owning my own photography business while raising four kids, I’ve found that there are ways to help us boss lady moms navigate both of these. I’m no expert, but there are two main things I’ve learned from my own mistakes.  


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