Mar 3

One of the stops on our creatives trip was No Ordinary Love Ministries. I fell in love with this organization years back on my first trip to Ethiopia. They work closely with the local government who brings them children who have been rescued after being trafficked. NOLM provides a safe house, love, and therapy for these little ones, usually girls, who have seen and experienced more than we can imagine. This is intense stuff, y’all. Then as often as possible they locate the kid’s families out in the rural villages. These families often either thought that their children were being taken to be educated or have sometimes been looking for them, thinking they were lost. Two of our team members were able to attend a reunification while we were there. Amy Melsa captured stunning photos like the two right below, and I can’t wait to see the video that our videographer, Hasani Edmondson, took.

IMG_3321 IMG_3329

Another aspect of this ministry is their program to support single mothers who are so impoverished that they are at risk of having to give up their children. We were able to be with them for a community gathering where these vulnerable families gather, with the children living at the safe house, to receive holistic support. It’s a sort of celebration and you can literally see the light and the fighting spirit of these women and children.

This organization is seriously underfunded and the value and quality of their work is more than I could explain here. To get involved in their incredible work, head over to their website HERE.

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