A Family {love}

Confession. I was so nervous driving to this photo shoot. This was my second time with the A Family, and they were the best kind of clients. But it was a very chilly morning and I know that cold kids usually aren’t happy kids. So instead of hanging around one place, we took a “walk” to a coffee shop stopping here and there for some pictures, re-booted the children (and the adults) with some warm drinks, and meandered back. And wonder of wonders, the kids were champs and we actually got some great shots.

So, thank you, A Family, for a lovely morning stroll!

As usual, with 25 comments in the next 5 days, the A Family will get to choose a free 5×7. So leave them some blog love!

  1. Anick Reply

    So, so good! What a beautiful family!

  2. Melissa Reply

    Thanks Alyssa! These are WONDERFUL! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  3. Allison Reply

    Amazing pictures!

  4. caitlin metzler Reply

    Beautiful pictures of an absolutely beautiful family!!!!

  5. Alexa Neckel Reply

    What beautifully sweet photos!!

  6. Kat Yeager Reply

    All pictures are lovely but my favorite is the whole family cross-legged in between buildings.

  7. Kathy Reply


  8. Jenny Reply

    What beautiful pictures!! I love them!

  9. Nancy Allard Reply

    Wow! Wonderful pictures. I”m glad I wasn’t asked to pick a favorite.

  10. Michele Reply

    Beautiful photos! Gorgeous family!

  11. Lisa Reply

    These came out wonderful, I love the one of Jack in the coffee shop and of them both on the bench!

  12. Paul Reply

    Great pictures not only of the kids but of the parents as a couple.

  13. Nicolette Reply

    Lovely family, and the children were troopers in that chilly morning!

  14. Donna Rosberg Reply

    These are amazing!!!!! absolutely love them!!!!

  15. Christine Jordan Reply

    Awesome pictures! You guys look great! Love the coffee shop ones!

  16. Bethanie Mintz Reply

    Those kidos are SO adorable! So precious!

  17. Cherilyn Reply

    Melissa, the one of you with Jack (2nd from the bottom)—fabulous.

  18. Stephanie Reply

    So many to choose from! Love them all!

  19. Kim McCorkle Reply

    Your family is beautiful! Love the photos!!

  20. Adrianna Duggan Reply

    The pictures are lovely!

  21. Marisa Reply

    Beautiful pictures! I love energy of capturing a walk in pics. Where were you?

  22. Jace Reply

    You are a beautiful family, and just get more beautiful with time!

  23. tamara Reply

    love your pics….the black and whites are great!

  24. Amber Reply

    Great pictures! We can’t wait to see more 🙂

  25. Brian Reply

    Love the one in the alley with you guys sitting!

  26. Sarah Reply

    Absolutely gorgeous!! Your photographer is amazing and your family is so beautiful!!

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